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Dear Pet Owners,

For all of us who have pets, traveling can be a challenge, particularly for those who have older pets that require more patience and attentiveness in their everyday care. I understand the needs of senior pets and have built a petsitting business on my commitment to provide the highest quality care for all of your pets, both young and old, furry and feathered.

Most of us get pets for companionship, and they always add joy to our lives. As pet owners, we are also aware that bringing a pet into our home is a lifelong responsibility and commitment. It is one that I take very seriously, and it shows in the time and quality of care that I devote to each and every pet for whom I assume responsibility.

Beth, John, Geronimo, Didi, and Chance

I have always loved animals and have lived with them my entire life, from cats and dogs to birds and even mice and gerbils. I always give the furry and feathered creatures in my care priority over everything else in my life. I respect the fact that every household has different routines, and that within each household every individual pet has different needs. I am extremely tuned into animals and birds and will spend as much time as necessary with each of your pets to meet his or her unique and special needs.

I have always been devoted to my own pets and have chosen to make petsitting my career because I feel I have a lot to offer in caring for your pets. You can be assured that when you go out of town, although no one can substitute for you in your pet's heart, I will be doing my best to keep each of them safe, healthy and happy until you return.

Through the years, I have provided care to many pets in numerous households, and I am glad to provide a list of references at your request. After all, word of mouth from one devoted pet lover to another is better testimonial than the most polished advertising campaign.

Beth Nolley, Owner/Operator
Silver Whiskers Petsitting


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