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About Silver Whiskers

Beth gives her Dachshund, Geronimo, a kiss on the head

Silver Whiskers Petsitting was born in January of 2009 on the eve of what would have been owner/operator Beth Nolley's late Dachshund, Geronimo's, 17th birthday. Beth raised three Long-haired Dachshunds and shared her life with them since 1989. Seeing them grow old and helping them cope with various geriatric-related health issues taught Beth a lot about the needs of senior pets.

She learned first-hand how to help blind and deaf dogs adapt successfully to their home environment; she learned through numerous vet visits and from reading everything she could get her hands on how to recognize and deal with Canine Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome, Cushing's Disease, Tracheal Collapse and seizures. Sam the Senegal Parrot Although these health issues can, unfortunately, oftentimes dominate a pet's golden years, they do not mean that a beloved pet's quality of life must necessarily deteriorate or come to an end prematurely. With patience, commitment, understanding, medical treatment and lots of love, owners can learn to cope and help their senior pets adapt to various health issues. And, of course, owners can also learn to recognize when it is time to let go.

Although Beth has not shared her life with birds as long as she has with dogs and cats, she has spent more than two decades educating herself about various avian species and has been very involved in community outreach efforts for the welfare of companion birds. She coordinated a chapter of the Southwest Virginia Bird Club while she lived in Blacksburg, VA, and has assisted numerous bird owners in finding forever homes for companion birds whom they could no longer care for. She has enjoyed sharing the company of a very special Senegal parrot, Sam, and four oftentimes comical and always musical cockatiels, Locke, Rydia, Kain and Freya, since 2002. She also adopted a Meyer's Parrot, Avis, who is the cuddliest parrot Beth has ever known! Kitty Cuncita thinks she's someone's birthday present! These highly intelligent creatures are not so much Beth's pets as they are her treasured companions. Beth is an avid birder as well, and is fortunate to have had many opportunities to go birdwatching outside of her home state of Virginia. Beth was also an active participant and newsletter editor for the New River Valley Bird Club during the time she lived in Southwest Virginia. She and her husband, John, a nature and bird photographer, have self-published several wild bird photography books. Their commitment to and love of the avian species runs deep.

And Beth's experience with pets is not limited to dogs and birds; no, Beth has spent her entire life in the company of cats, too. Most of the cats she has shared her life with have been rescue kitties who either found her or whom she found. Beth used to spend her childhood summer vacations making daily visits to the local dump with her grandmother to feed the feral kittens who lived near the dumpsters there. Beth and John now live with two cats, Neptune and Pixie, who are the most gentle and affectionate cats either of them have ever known.

Beth started Silver Whiskers Petsitting out of a long-standing personal commitment to animals in order to provide the highest quality of loving, patient and attentive in-home care for your beloved pets.


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